Skull Decals


Skull Decals for Model Cars. Range of designs including flames and Punisher Skulls. Waterslide decals in all popular scales from 1:64 up to 1:18.

** The Skull Decal Pack is printed and shipped on CLEAR decal paper. **


Skull Decal Pack

We’ve had the flame decals for quite some time and now due to popular demand we have released our first in a series of skull decal packs. This pack features a range of different skull designs including the Punisher skull, Tribal door decals, flaming skulls (facing both ways for use on each side of the car) and other great designs in a range of sizes so no matter what look you are going for, if you need skulls for your next custom build then this pack is for you.

Stay tuned for another flame/skull pack with more designs and various layouts for your customising needs.


These SKULL DECALS come printed on an A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for all scales excepting 1:64 which comes on half that – A6 (15cm x 10cm)
*The 1:64 is essentially the same as the 1:32 sheet but half the size. The 1:43 sheet is the same as 1:32 but scaled down ever so slightly (not much mind you)


These Skull & Skeleton Decals are printed and shipped on CLEAR decal paper only.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 0.5 cm


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