Rauh-Welt RWB Porsche Racing Decals


Rauh Welt RWB Porsche Racing Decals for 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Rauh Welt Begriff and Porsche inspired decals in all popular scales. Get your RWB on with these clear backed quality waterslide decals

** The Porsche RWB Rauh Welt Decal Pack is printed and shipped on CLEAR decal paper **



RAUH Welt Begriff finally comes to My Custom Hotwheels!…. “it’s about bloody time too!”RWB Porsche Racing Decals for diecast model cars

PORSCHE 911 RAUH Welt [RWB] Decals

UPDATE: Porsche RWB Decals now available in Half Sheet options for 1:64 and 1:32scale 🙂

When it comes to aftermarket and performance parts for the Porsche Brand there is no avoiding RAUH Welt Begriff – the tuning arm that turns an already deadly street car into an all out weapon – widebodied and ready to attack.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Porsche 911 RWB Waterslide Decal pack, available of course in all scales from the almighty Hot Wheels 1:64 scale all the way up to 1:18 scale, with all the popular scale for slot cars, model builders, RC lovers and anyone with a penchant for customising and/or building model cars.

Included in this Porsche Decal pack are a range of Porsche decals designed for the various 911 models – including GT3 RS, GT RS, GT3 Cup, Turbo, Carrera, and an assortment of PORSCHE side writing and livery to complete your next German Autohaus inspired build. Adding to this of course is a variety of RWB and RAUH Welt Begriff designed graphics in 3 popular RWB colours.

UPDATED! The new RWB Porsche 911 sheet includes much more Rauh Welt focused livery including a heap of window decals in various colours. Simply paint a white line on the windscreen before applying for the best effect 😉

Designed with a clear backing in mind, these Porsche 911 & RWB decals are mostly black and will suit any coloured Porsche excepting of course black…and as Batman reminded me, also very dark grey.


The Porsche 911 RWB Racing Decal Pack comes printed on an A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for all scales 

** Note that the product image provided reflects the 1:64 scale (Hot Wheels) version and as such the number of supplied images will [obviously] decrease with the increase in scale **


The Porsche 911 RWB RAUH Welt Racing Decal Pack is printed and shipped on CLEAR Decal Paper only


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