Number Plates & For Sale Signs


For Sale signs - decals for model cars

License plates, For Sale Signs and L,P Plates decals for Hot Wheels and all popular scale Model cars

** These Decals are printed and shipped on WHITE waterslide decal paper. **


For Sale signs - decals for model cars

Number Plates, Learner Plates & For Sale Signs

Australian, Euro & JDM license plates as well as L plates & P plates & Car For Sale signs
New half sheet option is also available for all scales up to 1:32 since sheet is essentially repeated twice. So… more decals for your dollar!

After much demand we have finally put together the ultimate customiser decal accessory pack …for Aussies at least. (What? I’m bias ok) This decal pack comes printed on white since all images are essentially signs and plates that actually require some solid backing colour and contains the following images:

  • License plates and Number plates – Predominantly Australian number plates but there is a large selection of Japanese and European License Plates.
  • Learner Plates and Provisional Plates (Red and Green) – again Australian based L and P plates but maybe they are the same ones used in Europe and USA? Can someone confirm? Anyone? Bueller?
  • For Sale signs. Two different Car For Sale signs in red and orange and slightly varying sizes for the various size castings that Matchbox, HotWheels, Maisto, Greenlight, Jada, Majorette, Real Toys and other brands of 1:64 scale diecast toys

Please also note that this sheet has been initially made to suit Hot Wheels 1:64 scale models and as such the larger sizes are not represented here (yet) You can still order all scales and as they are ordered we will scale them up accordingly, capture an image of the final sheet for the website and update this listing to remove these lines of text 🙂
*If you see the scale size in preview mode then it means we have created that sheet and this whole sentence is irrelevant


The Plates and Signs Decal Pack comes printed on an A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for all scales including 1:18 – *The new half sheet option is half A5 15cm x 10cm approx


License Plates & For Sale Sign Decals are printed and shipped on WHITE Waterslide Decal Paper only.


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