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M&Ms Racing Waterslide decals for Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

Create your own ‘limited edition M&Ms Hot Wheels custom with this tasty M&Ms chocolate themed water-slide decal pack- including enough brand imagery and M&Ms characters to customize well over 20 diecast cars

** The M&Ms Waterslide Decal Pack is printed and shipped on WHITE decal paper. **




*Please note that as tempting as they look the waterslide decal sheets are not edible…. well they are but they would taste like crap and I highly advise against it.

M&Ms Racing Waterslide decals for Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

The M&Ms brand is one that needs no introduction, especially among Hot Wheels folk who regularly see the scrumptious livery used on releases from Mattel. And now you can create your own ‘limited edition M&Ms Diecast car with the M&Ms waterslide decal pack in 1:64 scale. Included with the iconic brand’s logo are countless characters in action as well as a variety of the infamous Red and Yellow duo.

M&Ms Racing Decals are now available in all popular scales including 1:64, 1:43, 1:32, 1:24, and 1:18!

Clear or White Backing?

Available in both white and clear backing but I recommend the white backing so as to make the characters really ‘pop’ and cutting them out although challenging is not too difficult (If you don’t trust your cutting skills and would rather clear backing then specify accordingly and take this little tip on board: You can simply apply a small amount of white paint under where the decal is to be applied so you still get the vivid colours and white sections appearing 😉 )


The M&Ms Racing Decal Sheet comes printed on an A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for all scales excepting 1:18 scale- which is provided on a full A4 waterslide decal sheet. 

** Note that the product image provided reflects the 1:64 scale (Hot Wheels) version and as such the number of supplied images will [obviously] decrease with the increase in scale **


The M&Ms Racing Decal Sheet is printed and shipped on WHITE Decal Paper unless specified otherwise


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