Marlboro Decals


custom hotwheels wearing MCH Marlboro decals

The only time smoking is OK is when you create smoking hot customs with these Marlboro decals.

**Β The Marlboro Decal Pack comes printed on CLEAR decal paper **



Our most popular decal pack – available in all scales from 1:64 up to 1:18 (Larger scales available upon request)

One of the most iconic racing themes that graced some of the fastest machines on 2 and 4 wheels throughout the 80’s – these decals are perfect in their simplicity.

marlboro themed custom hotwheels by Thomas Chu

Customs by Thomas Chu using My Custom Hotwheels decals

Special shout out to Thomas Chu, aka @64Wheelers on Instagram for letting me use his amazing Marlboro Customs, and thanks Thomas for making my decals look so damn good.

marlboro smoking meme


The Marlboro Decal Pack comes printed on an A6 sized sheet (15cm x 10cm) for 1:64, 1:43, and 1:32 scale, and on A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) forΒ  1:24 and 1:18 scale


These Marlboro Decals are printed and shipped on CLEAR Decal paper only


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