Loading Bay Area


Highly detailed Loading Zone area with four loading bays.

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Highly detailed Loading Zone area with four loading bays.

SIZE: Loading Bay Diorama is 60cm x 42cm and approx 12cm high at the back.

loading bay diorama building for hotwheels

These highly detailed diorama kits come flat packed in paper kits and are assembled by simply cutting along the line shown, folding along the other lines (also shown) and ensuring your cuts and folds are straight and true. Think of it like customising a Hot Wheels car ? but larger and with less wheels :p

Diorama buildings and racing strips for Hot Wheels and 1:64 scale diecast cars

What exactly are these kits made of and how easy are they to assemble?

These Paper diorama kits are made from thick (230gsm+) gloss paper and the printed images are clear and the colours vibrant. Clear instructions are provided but the process of cutting out and folding the necessary pieces is so easy you won’t need the instructions anyway.
Our advice however is to take your time and ensure that all your cuts are precise and square and that your folds are the same. We have seen some diorama kits put together so badly it looks like an earthquake has come through – effective if your diorama is located in LA or San Francisco maybe but not a good look overall.
We have tried to share pics of the various 1:64 scale diorama buildings assembled with cars included as we have received some from happy buyers but since this is a relatively new product to our shop we don’t have that many to pick from. If you haven’t picked up on this not so subtle clue then please do share your completed diorama pictures with us so we can share them with the greater customising community 🙂 (Free publicity for you of course)


  • Due to the weight of these garage workshop diorama kits there is a limit of 3 per order. More than this would double the cost of postage but since many other diorama building kits are lighter it would be unfair to charge postage on each individual diorama package.
  • Shipping Costs are therefore set at $13.50 standard international shipping and another $6.00 for each diorama kit that is ordered – with a maximum of 3 kits per order allowed
    *Note that if you pay an excessive amount of postage then I will always refund the difference after the items have been sent 🙂


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