JDM Pack 7


jdm inspired decals for hot wheels and 1:64 scale diecast cars

Finish off your hellasweet custom Hot Wheels build with this set of JDM inspired 1/64 scale decals and stickers. Included in Hellasweet JDM Pack 7 is enough JDM livery to customise well over 40 cars in stickerbomb, carbon, rising sun patterns or livery from TEIN, RALLIART and NISMO (to name but a few)

** The Hellasweet JDM Pack 7 is printed and shipped on CLEAR decal paper. **


custom hot wheels with jdm racing decals from My Custom Hotwheels


The JDM Racing Decals are now available in all popular scales including 1:64, 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24

Do you declare your allegiance to this great nation of stance and hellasweetness? Of course you do – which is why I have put together a heap of JDM love for your next custom [JDM] hot wheels build. You’ve stanced your ride and given it more dish than a fatman at breakfast but something is still missing.

Complete the picture with this set of Hellasweet JDM inspired 1/64 scale decals. Included in the Hellasweet JDM Pack 7 is enough JDM livery to customise well over 30 cars but I’ve also thrown in a whole section of carbon fiber and stickerbomb sheets, AND a heap of number plates and rising sun flags/patterns. To finish pack 6 and make it truly hellasweet I added some TEIN livery (designed to fit most Hot Wheels cars) as well as NISMO and Mitsubishi RALLIART livery.
This Hellasweet Decal Pack will guarantee your custom diecast cars will be declaring their allegiance to the nation of Japan (and stance) in no time.


Hellasweet JDM Pack 7 comes printed on an A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for all scales 

** Note that the product image provided reflects the 1:64 scale (Hot Wheels) version and as such the number of supplied images will [obviously] decrease with the increase in scale **


Hellasweet JDM Pack 7 is printed and shipped on CLEAR Decal Paper ONLY. (The stickerbomb and Carbon Fibre section can be provided on WHITE if required/requested)


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