Dubai Police


Dubai police decals for model cars

Dubai Police Decals for Hot Wheels and 1:64 scale model cars

** These Decals are printed on CLEAR paper and are only available in 1:64 Scale. **


Dubai police decals for model cars

Dubai Police Decals for 1:64 Scale ONLY

Please note that these waterslide decals are only available in 1:64 scale – suitable for Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Tomica, Majorette, Greenlight, Jada and any other 1/64 scale diecast vehicles.

We have tried our best to source high quality Dubai police decals and the largest we can go without image quality concerns is 1:64 scale. Truth be told, the quality of even the Hot Wheels 1:64 scale decals is only 80% of the quality you have come to expect from MCH decals. As such this set will only be printed and shipped in 1:64 – along with the disclaimer that whilst the quality is fine it does not meet the usual high standards we set here. (see example Lamborghini I created to show you what to expect – full transparency here as always…excuse the pun 😉 )

The unmistakable livery of the Dubai Police force is now available for your next 1;64 scale build. Granted it’s a lot more motivating to create police cars from the United Arab Emeritz simply because all their cars (well some at least) are crazy expensive super exotics.

Included in this pack is enough livery to customise 9 vehicles (more if you want to use the stripes and green sections to create your own design) with a few smaller ones and a couple of larger side livery designs to accommodate different Hot Wheels castings. (or whatever brand you choose to work with.) This pack is only available on clear since all Dubai Police cars are white as the base colour anyway.

Grab your 1:64 scale Dubai Police decals for Hot Wheels today.


This Dubai Police Decal Pack comes printed on an A6 sized sheet (15cm x 10cm) and is only available in 1:64 scale


These UAE Dubai Police Decals are printed and shipped on CLEAR waterslide decal paper only.

Looking for more Police Decals? We’ve also got Police decals for the UK, USA, Australia, Japan… and more on the way


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