Australian Police Decals


Australian Police Force (specifically NSW and VIC Pol) decals for Hot Wheels and similar scale diecast cars. Exclusively for 1:64 – 1:55 Scale. (larger portion also suitable for 1:43)

** These Decals are printed on CLEAR paper and are only available in 1:64 Scale. **


aussie police decals for Hot Wheels

Australian Police (NSW & VIC) Decals in 1:64 Scale

Please note that these decals are only available in 1:64 scale – suitable for Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Tomica, Majorette, Jada and any other 1/64 scale diecast vehicles. *The larger decals on this sheet are also suitable for 1:43 scale as they are designed for larger trucks/transporters in 1:64

Although these Aussie Police Decals feature the generic checkered pattern that appears on Police vehicles across the entire country, there are only emblems for Victoria Police and NSW Police Force included. There will be other states soon but for now you’ll have to make do with Vic Pol and NSW Police Force decals for your custom police build.
*We will be adding WA, SA, NT and all other states in the coming weeks.

*Note that we have a larger police decal sheet that contains Australian, European and NYPD Police livery – available in all scales up to 1:18. See below for link


This Australian Police Force (AFP) 1:64 Decal Pack comes printed on an A6 sized sheet (15cm x 10cm) 


These NSW & VIC Police Force Decals are printed and shipped on CLEAR waterslide decal paper

Need Number Plates?
Grab a set of Aussie Plates (including European and JDM as well as for sale signs and L & P Plates) to compliment your Australian Police car


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