Ambulance & Paramedic Pack


EMT & Ambulance decals

Ambulance, EMT & Paramedic decals in all popular model car scales from 1:64 up to 1:18. Includes livery for USA, Europe and Australian emergency vehicles

Nee Naw Nee Naw #AllTheThings

** The Ambulance & Paramedic Decal Pack is printed and shipped on CLEAR decal paper. **


EMT & Ambulance decals

Ambulance, EMT & Paramedic Pack

Finally there is an Ambulance, EMT, Paramedic decal pack to accompany the Police decals currently available in our store.

These decals come with a large variety of Crosses, logos, stars, checkered pattern and Paramedic stripes. They range in size so you can either restore an old Matchbox or Hotwheels to its former glory using the correct sizing or try something different with a larger or perhaps smaller star of life or red cross.

This pack also includes some NSW Ambulance logos for those fellow Aussies.

There is also a generic ‘Emergency Services Stripes’ Pack that includes Police checkers and Ambulance/Paramedic Stripes – primarily for the Australian and European market. This pack will be available very soon and THIS LINK HERE will become active so you can check it out…if you haven’t already


The Ambulance, Paramedic and EMT Decal Pack comes printed on an A6 sheet (15cm x 10.5cm) for 1:64 and 1:43 scale AND A5 sized sheet (15cm x 21cm) for 1:32, 1:24 and 1:18 scales


These Ambulance Decals are printed and shipped on CLEAR Decal Paper
*Please add a note at checkout if you would like this printed on white decal paper

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 0.5 cm


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