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Movie Themed Decals by My Custom Hotwheels

“Don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.” – Dom Toretto

With so many of the great cars of our time being brought to us through the silver screen it is little wonder we’ve dedicated this section to the livery and decals they so thankfully gave us. From the classics like Ghostbusters, Herbie and Dukes of Hazzard through to more recent additions like the Fast and Furious Franchise – we’ve made sure all the favourites are here, and of course we’re always adding more.


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  • Ambulance paramedic EMT decals for model cars

    Ambulance & Paramedic Pack

  • Astroboy Decals

  • Superman Batman Decals for 1:32 Model cars

    Batman vs Superman Decals

  • Bonnet, Hood & Roof Wraps

  • donut decals for Hot Wheels

    Donut Decal Pack

  • dukes of hazzard general lee decals in 1:64 scale

    Dukes Of Hazzard – General Lee Decals

  • Fast & Furious Movie Decals for Hot Wheels

    Fast & Furious Decals

  • Hot Wheels Fatlace Decals and model car stickers

    Fatlace Decals

  • 1/64 scale Gas Monkey Garage Waterslide Decals for Model Cars in all scales up to 1:18

    Gas Monkey Garage Decal Pack

  • Ghostbusters decals for Hot wheels

    Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Pack

  • herbie racing decals for hot wheels and all scale model cars

    Herbie Decal Pack

  • Initial-D AE86 Redsuns racing waterslide racing decals for model cars

    Initial-D AE86 Pack

  • Initial-D Buddy Club racing waterslide racing decals for model cars

    Initial-D Buddy Club Pack

  • Lightning McQueen Decals in 1:64 scale for Hot Wheels and model Cars

    Lightning McQueen [Disney Cars] Decal Pack

  • my little pony decals for 1:24 scale models

    My Little Pony Decals

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Decals FOR hOT wHEELS

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Pack

  • nissan nismo gtr decals for Hot Wheels

    Nissan Pack – Mines & Nismo Racing

  • Pizza Planet Decals for Hot Wheels

    Pizza Planet Decals

  • 1:64 scale Police decals for hot wheels diecast cars

    Police Pack – NSW Police, NYPD, Highway Patrol

  • scooby doo mystery machine decals for hot wheels

    Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Decals

  • shark mouth decals and bomber nose art pin-up girl decals for model cars

    Shark Mouth & Bomber Girl Pack

  • skull decals for 1:32 scale model cars

    Skull Decals

  • spiderman decals for 1:32 scale model cars

    Spiderman Decals

  • Star Wars Jedi decals for model cars - My Custom Hot Wheels

    Star Wars Decal Pack