Must Have Decals

Whether you’re after the classics like Moon Eyes, Gulf Racing or Martini Racing, these are the Decal sets that are a must have for any┬áHot Wheels and Model Car Customizer – no matter what you’re build preference.

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  • Yokohama Advan racing decals for Hot Wheels model cars

    Advan Racing [Yokohama] Pack

  • Ambulance paramedic EMT decals for model cars

    Ambulance & Paramedic Pack

  • Whether you want to finish off your JDM Ricer, I mean Racer with a complete carbon fiber roof or bonnet or you just want to highlight the front and rear spoiler on your souped up American Muscle car, the Carbon Fiber Decal pack is a must have for any customiser and model car enthusiast.

    Carbon Fibre Pack

  • coke decals for 1:32 scale model cars

    Coca-Cola Decal Pack

  • dukes of hazzard general lee decals in 1:64 scale

    Dukes Of Hazzard – General Lee Decals

  • Gulf Racing decals for Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

    Gulf Racing Pack

  • herbie racing decals for hot wheels and all scale model cars

    Herbie Decal Pack

  • Spoon Racing decals for Hot Wheels

    Honda Spoon Racing Pack

  • FLAME DECALS - racing transfers for 1/43 scale model cars

    Hotrod Flame Decals

  • Japan Historics Advan Racing Pack

  • JDM Racing Decals for 1:64 scale Diecast Cars - Hot Wheels Decals

    JDM Racing Brands – Pack 1

  • JDM Racing Decals for 1:64 scale Diecast Cars - Hot Wheels Decals

    JDM Racing Brands – Pack 3

  • rising sun decals for Hot Wheels and model cars

    JDM Rising Sun Pack

  • Liberty Walk LB Works and Rocket Bunny Pandem- waterslide decals for Model cars

    Liberty Walk & Rocket Bunny Pack

  • M&Ms Racing Waterslide decals for Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

    M&Ms Racing Decals

  • porsche racing decals

    Martini, Alitalia & Castrol Racing Pack

  • Monster Racing Decals in 1:32 scale

    Monster Energy Racing Pack

  • Monster and Redbull Racing Decals in 1:43 scale

    Monster Redbull Racing Pack

  • Mooneyes racing decals on clear for 1:32 scale slot cars

    Mooneyes Racing CLEAR

  • mooneyes decals for Hot Wheels

    Mooneyes Racing Pack

  • license plate and for sale sign decals for hot wheels

    Number Plates & For Sale Signs

  • Portable Photo Studio LED Lightbox for model car photography

    Photo Studio Light Box