1/64 Diorama

1:64 (Hot Wheels) Scale Diorama Buildings and Figures.

Over 30 high quality paper diorama building kits ranging from regular stores like KFC and 7/11 to Petrol/Gas stations and a huge range of Garages, Workshops and Racing Canopies.
We also stock a constantly expanding range of hand painted figurines available in regular packs, greazer style, beach and nudes or a variety of characters from Movie and Pop Culture.

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  • Nissan Dealership 1:64 scale diorama building kit

    Car Dealerships – 1:64 Diorama Building Kits

  • advan garage hotwheels diorama

    Garages & Workshops – 1:64 Diorama Buildings

  • Shell Petrol Station Diorama

    Gas & Petrol Stations – 1:64 Diorama Building Kits

  • huge city diorama layout for Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels City Diorama

  • Gulf Garage Workshop diorama for 1:64 Hot Wheels

    Interior Scenes – 1:64 Diorama Building Kits

  • loading bay diorama building for hotwheels

    Loading Bay Area

  • Gulf Racing Canopy 1-64 Diorama Building

    Racing Canopies – 1:64 Diorama Building Kits

  • Drag Strip - racing diorama for Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

    Racing Drag Strip

  • Maccas Dominos DHL minimart diorama buildings for Hot Wheels and Diecast Cars

    Shops & Stores – 1:64 Diorama Building Kits