Want to know what our decals look like once they have been applied to a custom model build?

Of course you do, which is why we urge the MCH community to share their decal clad custom work on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #MCHDecals – here’s just a few of the creations we have either created here (by we I mean yours truly – there’s no else here LOL) or have been shared by our talented custom(is)ers around the world.

Don’t do hashtags but still want to share your work with the wider customising community? Good boy/girl! – Simply send a few pics (with watermark preferably so the world knows it is your work) to alex@mycustomhotwheels.com and I’ll include it the latest MCH Decals in the Wild article.

Tiny model cars not your thing? Every country has their own car scene and I was lucky enough to visit Singapore recently where the modified car scene is amazing – a great mix of JDM classics and some seriously exotic firepower in the mix. They certainly love their Hondas though

Food & Drink Decals

Disclaimer: These decals are not edible. Granted they are delicious but that does not make them edible.

Cadbury Decals on Kool Kombi Custom

Cadbury Decals on Kool Kombi Custom

General Racing Decals

We supply a range of racing decals including GT Stripes, Flames, hotrod and drag racing brand livery.

how MCH hot wheels decals look once applied

VW Decal pack contains lots of flames with the Volkswagen logo included

Movie & TV Decals

We stock a huge range of TV and Movie themed decals – simply click the link above or visit the TV & Movie category to see all decals from TV shows and your favourite movies. Here’s a small sample of Movie theme’d customs wearing MCH waterslide decals.

JDM Decals

We stock a huge range of Japanese Domestic Market inspired decals that range from generic JDM style stickers, to Carbon Fibre and Stickerbomb, as well as all the popular JDM racing teams and brands. Here’s some of our customers builds proudly wearing JDM themed waterslide decals.

JDM Decals for Hot Wheels Model Cars

Click here to purchase Cusco Racing Decals in all scales up to 1:18

Click Here to Purchase Liberty Walk/Pandem decals in all scales up to 1:18

Racing Teams & Automotive Manufacturers.

Some of the more popular racing teams are represented here at My Custom Hotwheels decals and dioramas. This includes (and is certainly not limited to) Moon Eyes, Gulf Racing, Martini, Monster Energy, Redbull Racing, BRE racing and much much more. We are always adding more but in the meantime check out the racing teams category to see our full range of quality waterslide decals for all scale models

We also stock a huge and constantly growing range of decals that represent manufacturers that also race, example Ferrari and Porsche (obviously) as well as Nismo (Nissan racing arm) and Greddy. There are also decal sheets for Coca Cola and Jim Beam and although these are also classified as food and drink decals, they also represent racing teams with livery that is not out of place on most racetracks.

All Other Decal Packs (Police, Shark Mouth etc)

We could have called this Miscellaneous but there are so many other types of decals that we supply so we decided to just mash the rest together – the ultimate decal mashup 😀
Some of the more popular decal packs that we also sell are the Police and Emergency decals and our Army themed Shark Mouth & Bomber Girl Decals.
Here are some Police, Shark Mouth and other miscellaneous decals as sent to us from happy MCH Decal Customers

Surfing & Beach Themed Decals are also now available – Simply follow this link here